How to Choose Your Cruise Cabin – Quick Guide

Royal Caribbean balcony cabin

One of the questions we’re often asked at Diamond Cruise & Travel is how to choose your cruise ship cabin. Fold out the literature from any of the major cruise lines and you’ll see hundreds of little rectangles set on four or five different decks, all in different colors. Before you simply choose the lowest or highest priced cabin, it helps to learn what makes one cabin better than another, or, what makes one priced higher or lower than another. Here are the choices typical of today’s large cruise ships:

Inside Cabin

The lowest priced, inside cabins open to a hallway and back to other cabins so there are no windows or natural light. If you plan to spend most of your time at the pool, on the beach, on shore excursions or out and about having fun, then an inside cabin offers a fine way to save on costs. But it can feel tight when two people try to get dressed for dinner at the same time.


Just as the name implies, Oceanview cabins face the ocean and, therefore, are set on the outer ring of the ship. They feature a window or windows of various sizes from a porthole to large, picture window. Waking up to the sun rising over the Atlantic is reason enough to go with a window. And it doesn’t cost much more than an inside cabin, either.

Oceanview with Balcony

Instead of a mere window, Oceanview with Balcony cabins replace the windows of Oceanview cabins with sliding glass doors that open onto a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Your cabin gets natural light all day long and your balcony typically comes setup with sitting chairs and a table for books, tablets or drinks. Imagine when breakfast gets delivered not just to your cabin but to your own balcony hovering above the water.


Take an Oceanview with Balcony cabin and make it bigger and more comfortable. Then add a separate sitting area with a couch and cocktail table. Can’t sleep? In a mini-suite, you can relax on the couch and watch TV without disturbing anyone else in the cabin.


When you’re ready to sail in high style, go for a suite. Suites provide the same comfort and amenities as a luxury hotel, in contrast to the slightly cramped feeling below in the inside cabins. These are the largest cabins and feature a large living area separate from the sleeping area, a large balcony and a higher level of attention from your own service team. It also includes a host of privileges such as access the Concierge’s Lounge (Royal Caribbean) for a wine breakfast, among others.

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